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SUPER MAN Box Jumps to Inspire

3 Jan

On December 19, I did 5ft box jumps to see if I could still do it at 38. I CAN… If you work out consistently, maintain a healthy diet, and believe in yourself, you can keep meeting fitness goals and live the best life possible. You can also INSPIRE FITNESS IN OTHERS… As a personal trainer, I believe that I should look the part and be able to do all of the things that I ask my clients to do. I personally find it hard to follow the advice of a professional, no matter what field, if they are not showing me that they have lived their advice.  I inspire my clients not just through encouragement and by producing results, but by also showing them that all the things I tell them to do is possible if they keep working hard.

My 5 foot box jump is inspiring my clients to reach for the stars…Several of them have sent me parody video’s.  It’s funny but there is meaning in their efforts…  Check out my FB page @maxfitllc to see some of the client videos of their box jump attempts.