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Best Hookah You EVER Had in Your Life!

3 Mar

Woman Smoking Hookah

IS THE ONE YOU NEVER HAD! Hookah is NOT safer than smoking a cigarette.  Like cigarette smoking ,the Hookah is an all around unhealthy and gross practice that eveyone should stop immediately.

Here are the 6 horrible facts  you need to know about smoking hookah:

  1. Smoke from hookah is 10x more concentrated than cigarette smoke
  2. Transmission of tuberculosis, viruses such as herpes or hepatitis, and other illnesses is likely between people passing the hookah pipe
  3. Smoking can cause impotence in males, and in females it can cause reduced fertilitymiscarriage, and increased risk of losing babies to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  4. Water pipe smokers are at risk for the same kinds of diseases caused by cigarette smoking…you know diseases like cancer!
  5. Water pipe smokers were 5x more likely than non-smokers to show signs of gum disease.
  6. Water pipe smokers may absorb even more of the toxins found in cigarette smoke because smoking sessions are longer and smokers puff more frequently.

Don’t start smoking.  If you smoke, stop!

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